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I'll tell you a little about myself...

My name is Carolina Bustamante and from a very young age the connection with my body was undoubtedly the connection to the whole. My training in the area of dance brought me closer to the demanding character and rigor of the study without a doubt, but what I took back then, hand in hand with unlimited creativity, was to find that you can always go a little deeper, more connected more passionate to more accurate and precise in the execution of a movement and from there I understood  that everything absolutely everything is born in the movement… But the why and what for and how? They matured with me and that is where my passion was born to understand human physiology in detail, but especially our wonderful locomotor system and its intrinsic relationship with health and the rest. I must announce that the universe guided me step by step towards my path, which is still going on. incessant search to ultimately lead more and more people to find their full well-being.

Connecting to the Pilates method was almost a magical stumble in life that led me to ask myself more how and why on that path.  I browsed several Pilates schools, getting even close  to yoga and until then only the principles of osteopathy resonated with me as truth. if the body regulates its functions and if the motor engrams that manage system ailments are just that, engrams would not have to be reprogrammed from the movement and from these questions look again and again for formations that come close to the answers mezieres, Busquet, suchard , but I found myself mainly studying the importance of tissue care and its neurological commands, it is  From where I began to design work protocols for the release of fascial tissue in retraction and neuromuscular reprogramming, with the use of unstable devices and myotatic reprogramming at the service of Tensegrity balance.

Seeking to activate the body's natural analgesia mechanisms, the result was exercise protocols carried out with more than 100 people in pain, generating immediate results in the reduction of pain by 90 percent. From there, Systemic Corporal Reeducation was born with the aim of develop through exercises and techniques the freedom of movement of the Reciprocal tension system and lead it to health and well-being since then I have continued to expand, study and carry out more research.

The Method has been invited through my name Carolina Bustamante to speak at conferences dedicated to movement and well-being.

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